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Eco-Friendly Wine Labeling Products
Monday, December 01, 2008

The Fasson Roll North America division of Avery Dennison Corporation has
announced the addition of three new eco-friendly products to its wine
portfolio. With the addition of Fasson Estate Label #10 Recycled, Fasson
Classic Crest Recycled Solar White, and Fasson Matte Litho Recycled,
converters and end users now have the opportunity to choose eco-friendly
offerings from a product portfolio that also includes coated, uncoated and
specialty papers, clear-on-clear and metalized films and digitally
topcoated papers. These new facesheet offerings are made from 30 percent
post consumer waste (PCW), meaning they use fibers, previously used by
consumers, that have been turned into paper. The facesheets are paired
with a 1.2 mil PET recyclable liner and Fasson S100R, a wash-away adhesive
that allows consumers or recyclers to cleanly remove labels from bottles
after immersing them in water hotter than 100[degrees] F.

Mentor OH USA

Cited from: Label & Narrow Web Sept, 2008 NARROW WEB PRODUCTS

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